Garage Floor Tiles

Garage Floor Tiles

When looking for a great way to give your concrete garage floor a facelift, you might want to look into garage floor tiles. If you have been thinking that garage resurfacing is in your future, stop floor tiles from making the area neat while also helping to keep your family from injury.

Why Tiles For Garage Flooring?

Many homeowners look into resurfacing the garage because they tire of looking at the cement they have in place. You may have dirt marks from tools, oil spots from your vehicle, or other damage. Resurfacing is effective, but it can be time-consuming and costly for the results. Instead, your garage renovations could include garage floor tiles. This option gives you the look that you desire without having to invest a great deal of money. You have to have them installed over the current flooring – set it and forget it.

Garage Floor Coating Or Tiles?

You must do plenty of research when deciding what you wish to have as the covering for your garage floor. Some people choose to paint their garage floor or add a protective coating. Others will go with floor tiles to add an instant boost of aesthetics and a layer of protection.

There are two kinds of tiles that you can get for your garage, which include vinyl tiles and pre-fabricated tiles. Vinyl is the most common, and they are crafted from plastic and easy to install. The downside some people find with vinyl garage flooring is that it might not be as durable as they wish.

Another kind of tile that people opt for is interlocking tiles. The best garage flooring experts will be able to help you with a total installation to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Due to some brands of interlocking tiles, it is not usually the type of project that you want to DIY.

Get In Touch With Calgary Garage Flooring

Are you ready for a whole new look for your garage floor? If you have a garage flooring that is stained, damaged, cracked, or just plain unsightly, new garage floor tiles are a great option. Here at Calgary Garage Flooring, we have high-quality flooring that is:

  • Resilient
  • Non-slip
  • Fade-resistant
  • Custom designed

When you have our premium garage floor tile installed on your property, you will find that it is eye-catching and easy to maintain. Everything is covered under a 30-day money-back guarantee that will give you added peace of mind to make it even better. There is also a limited lifetime warranty.

Worried about how long it will take to install? When you get garage floor tiles from us, you can have everything installed in a matter of a few hours – this is great as a DIY, and no special tools are necessary.

Are you ready to start new garage floor tiles for your home or business? We have the products you need here at Calgary Garage Flooring! Book a design consultation to talk with one of our professionals by calling (403) 795-7993. You can also shop through our different products online.

Garage Floor Tiles
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Garage Floor Tiles
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